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Shijiazhuang JingShi New Material Science and Technology Co., Ltd was founded since 2014, located in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province, China. The company covers an area of over 10,000 square meters and has a total investment of over 30 million yuan. As the National high-tech enterprises, passed the TS16949/ISO9001 Certification.

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    粉末冶金是一种理想的技术logy for manufacturing gears because it creates the geometry of the teeth directly in the compacting operation. Powder metallurgy gears of different shapes, sizes and profiles are produced of metals with different alloying grades or stainless steel base , finished with heat treatments (case hardening, carbonitriding, induction hardening, steam treatment) . We can OEM&ODM :spur gear, internal gear, bevel gear, planetary gear, double gear, motor gear, gearbox, drive gear, gear hub, gear ring, oil pump gear etc.
  • Części samochodowe

    Jingshi are engaged in the manufacture and sale of sintered metal components since 2014, passed TS16949 Certificate. with high accuracy,low cost of powder metallurgy parts and superior performance,the application of powder metallurgy parts in automobiles is becoming more and more widespread. Auto parts: pulley , camshaft parts, oil pump rotor and stator, bushings, clutch hub, auto transmission,chassis parts, drive line parts, car accessories etcs. Welcome to consult with your drawing and samples.
    Części samochodowe
  • Stainless Steel Parts

    Jingshi produce the powder metallurgy stainless steel series parts which have the advantages of close to net shape, high dimensional accuracy, and high material utilization rate to be widely used. With all the property sintered stainless steel parts are be used in various metal precision parts, powder metallurgy gears, oil bearing, machinery, chemical industry, ships, automobiles, instrumentation and other industries. Gears produced by 304 stainless steel powder metallurgy have good non-magnetic, corrosion resistance and comprehensive properties. 316 stainless steel powder metallurgy, the parts produced have corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, such as: Electro-hydraulic control system parts
    Stainless Steel Parts

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Firma posiada doskonałe zdolności w dziedzinie metalurgii proszków, dojrzały techników produkcji metalurgii proszków i długoterminowej współpracy z krajowymi najlepszych metalurgii proszków laboratoriach badawczych.


Jest to kompleksowe high-tech integracji badań, rozwoju, produkcji i sprzedaży hutnictwa proszkowego elementów konstrukcyjnych. Nalegamy nasze zasady spółka większej różnorodności, bardziej komfortowe, bardziej profesjonalny!