The main characteristics of the use of gear transmission for micro motors

1. High transmission efficiency

In the mechanical transmission of micro-motors, the gear transmission efficiency is very high, and the closed transmission efficiency can be as high as 96%~99%, which is very important for high-power DC motors.

2. Compact structure

The micro-motor gear drive has a compact structure and takes up little space.

3. Long service life

The micro-motor gear drive has reliable operation and long service life, which can fully meet the normal operation requirements of the product.

4. Smooth operation

The transmission ratio of the micro-motor runs smoothly, and the stability of the gear transmission can meet the basic requirements of each product, which is also the reason why the micro-motor gear transmission is widely used.

The manufacturing and installation precision of micro-motor gear transmission is high, but it is not suitable for products with excessive transmission distance. The type of micro-motor gear transmission and the device form of gear transmission can be divided into two types: open type and closed type.

1. Open

Open type includes semi-open type. Generally, in agricultural machinery, construction machinery and simple mechanical equipment applications, when the gears are exposed to the outside, it is called open gear transmission, which is easy to allow external debris to enter, resulting in poor lubrication and easy wear and tear of gears. , only suitable for low-speed transmission. Half-open gear drives have simple guards and the gears are immersed in oil sump.

2. Closed drive

There are many gear transmission applications in automobiles, machine tools, aviation, etc. This kind of precision machined box is closed. Compared with the open gear transmission, the lubrication and protection conditions are very good.


Post time: Jun-28-2022