Application of powder metallurgy stainless steel gears and parts in home appliance industry

Powder metallurgy stainless steel structural parts For example, 304L powder metallurgy materials are used to make parts for automatic dishwashers and washing machines, 316L powder metallurgy materials are used to make push-out plates of refrigerator ice makers, and 410L powder metallurgy materials are used for limit switches and clutches. Bowl machines, clothes dryers, washing machines, sewing machines, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, food mixers, fans, etc. also widely use powder metallurgy copper-based alloys.

Gearboxes are widely used in kitchen appliances. Due to the strict requirements of hygiene and environment, more and more gearboxes require the use of stainless steel gears to meet the requirements.

The washing machine industry is mainly automatic washing machines at present. The fully automatic washing machines sold on the market can be roughly divided into three categories: front-load side-opening front-loading washing machines invented in Europe, pulsator top-opening washing machines invented by Asians, and North American invented washing machines. "Agitator" washing machine, many powder metallurgy parts are used in the middle, and there are also examples of changing steel parts into powder metallurgy parts. Steel parts: Locked tubes and spin tubes, redesigned into powder metallurgy parts, resulting in improved production costs and product quality, reduced production costs for materials, labor, overhead and scrap wastage, total annual savings over $250,000.

Post time: Jul-27-2022