Application of powder metallurgy gear in motor industry

Powder metallurgy technology has the potential to manufacture gears with excellent fatigue properties and dimensional accuracy to meet the stringent requirements of the motor manufacturing industry. The main reason why powder metal gears are more popular than traditional gear materials is cost. In mass production, gears are manufactured from powder metal. Cheaper than making gears out of iron or steel. Less energy is used in the manufacturing process and there is very little material waste. Manufacturing costs are also generally lower given that many powder metal parts do not require much, if any, mechanical finishing.
Powder metal gears are used in a large number of gear motors because other attractive features are related to their material structure, the porous composition of powder metal gears, their light weight and generally quiet operation. Additionally, powdered materials can be uniquely mixed, resulting in unique properties, and for gears, this includes the opportunity to impregnate the porous material with oil, resulting in self-lubricating gears.
In summary, powder metallurgy components now occupy most of the market for motor gears due to their cost-effectiveness, weight and energy savings.
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ti后me: Jul-13-2022