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Quality as a basic requirement

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Experience & Tradition

After many years of wood barrel manufacturing, our company stands for a wealth of knowledge and high quality products.


Innovation & Technology

In our new production facility we offer high manufacturing standards using traditional techniques and innovative equipment.



Our company stands for value retention and long-term customer satisfaction, so our service team is always ready.



We choose quality as a basic requirement at every stage. We combine traditional generation with innovative renewals.


We offer the classic closed fermenting stands, which serve for fermenting and ripening the wine, the simple open stands that only serve for fermentation, as well as the new evolution with a stainless floor and lid.

All of these fermenters are equipped with various accessories to simplify their use.

For the wine removal we propose a stainless steel door on the side, a stainless steel ball valve on the side, a rust-free waste and a stainless tasting tap for wine tasting.

Fermentation requires a round stainless steel door on the floor, a stainless waste drain under the floor, a thermometer and a cooling plate.

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Gärbottich Vbs SchönGärbottich Vbs Schön

  • Dimension table

    Volume in HL. Stave length Max. Diameter Wood thickness
    10 130 cm 130 cm 55 mm
    15 145 cm 145 cm 55 mm
    20 160 cm 160 cm 55 mm
    25 180 cm 170 cm 55 mm
    30 200 cm 175 cm 55 mm
    40 200 cm 190 cm 55 mm
    50 210 cm 205 cm 65 mm
    60 220 cm 215 cm 65 mm
    80 250 cm 245 cm 65 mm
    100 270 cm 265 cm 65 mm

    (Mass and content approximate)

  • NIRO Turchen seitlich vertikal Wooden double supports
    Auf die Merkliste setzen
    Holzunterbau_m Wooden double supports - with coupling
    (comfortable for transport)
    Auf die Merkliste setzen
    Niro_Sattel Stainless steel support Auf die Merkliste setzen
    Turchen seitlich erhoht Stainless steel door on the side - raised Auf die Merkliste setzen
    NIRO Turchen seitlich vertikal Stainless steel door on the side - vertikal oval Auf die Merkliste setzen
    NIRO_Türchen_seitlich_eben_St Stainless steel door on the side - eben Auf die Merkliste setzen
    Restablauftürchen Stainless steel outlet door Auf die Merkliste setzen
    Domtürchen Stainless steel bung door Auf die Merkliste setzen
    Restablauf Stainless steel outlet system Auf die Merkliste setzen
    Kugelhahn Stainless steel ball valve Auf die Merkliste setzen
    Kosthahn Taste valve Auf die Merkliste setzen
    Platzhalter Cooling plate Auf die Merkliste setzen
    Thermometer Thermometer Auf die Merkliste setzen
    Leiterhalterung Ladder holder Auf die Merkliste setzen