Roll Fermentor

Cooperage VBS Schön

Cooperage VBS Schön

Das Rotationssystem, Die Entleerung, Fassbinderei Schön, VBS


The Roll Fermentor (registered and patented) is thanks to its simple handling perfect for the production of special micro-cuvée. Which allows a perfect integration of the wood type with the grapes.

This type of fermentation, is intended for those who would like to develop quality wines with a special aromatic harmony. Because only in this cask every fermenting, maturity and aging steps can be completed.

The grapes can be directly filled in the cask through a stainless steel door.

The oxygen enrichment allow during the alcoholic fermentation  a development of phenolic substances, a polymerization of the tannins and a better aromatic development.

The rotation system at 360 degrees helps during homogenization of the liquid and the solid body, which leads to a more intense fermentation.

The drain is controlled by lifting of the base in the direction of the press and turning of the casks.

The Roll Fermentor is available with volumes from 600, 900 and 1,200 liter.