Quality as a basic requirement

Fassbinderei VBS Schön

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Experience & Tradition

After many years of wood barrel manufacturing, our company stands for a wealth of knowledge and high quality products.


Innovation & Technology

In our new production facility we offer high manufacturing standards using traditional techniques and innovative equipment.



Our company stands for value retention and long-term customer satisfaction, so our service team is always ready.



We choose quality as a basic requirement at every stage. We combine traditional generation with innovative renewals.

Destillation barrels

We are happy to produce distillate barrels in many different sizes. Our innovative ornamental barrels are the ideal gift or ideal for stylish personal use (brandy, rum, different types of fires, etc.).

We manufacture our ornamental barrels of European oak. You are also welcome with alternative wood species such as cherry, chestnut, acacia and mulberry - these are available from certain volumes.

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Destillatfässer Vbs Schön

  • Dimension table

    Liter Daube length Head diameter Abdominal diameter
    2 21 cm 16 cm 18 mm
    3 24 cm 18 cm 20 mm
    5 28 cm 21 cm 23 mm
    10 34 cm 25 cm 29 mm
    20 42 cm 31 cm 35 mm
    30 48 cm 36 cm 40 mm
    50 55 cm 41 cm 46 mm
    100 66 cm 51 cm 61 mm
    150 77 cm 57 cm 65 mm
    200 85 cm 63 cm 71 mm
    250 91 cm 67 cm 75 mm
    300 97 cm 72 cm 82 mm

    (Mass and content approximate)

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