Quality as a basic requirement

Fassbinderei VBS Schön

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Experience & Tradition

After many years of wood barrel manufacturing, our company stands for a wealth of knowledge and high quality products.


Innovation & Technology

In our new production facility we offer high manufacturing standards using traditional techniques and innovative equipment.



Our company stands for value retention and long-term customer satisfaction, so our service team is always ready.



We choose quality as a basic requirement at every stage. We combine traditional generation with innovative renewals.


We produce oak barrels in the classic forms from 225ltr to 500ltr. It uses mainly oak from the best forests in Europe, but also acacia, cherry, chestnut, ash or mulberry can be processed. The staves are split and are naturally dried, depending on the origin and degree of maturity of the staves, we can offer different possibilities for the expansion with different toastings.

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Barrique Vbs Schön

  • Dimension table round barrels

    Liter Daube strength Abdominal diameter Head diameter
    225 94 cm 69 cm 56 mm
    300 101 cm 77 cm 62 mm
    500 107 cm 93 cm 78 mm

    (Mass and content approximate)

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