Cooperage VBS Schön

Cooperage VBS Schön



Zubehoer, Sattel, Reinigungszubehoer, Reinigung, Fassbinderei

Storage casks (700 Lt. bis 3.000 Lt.)

  • Wooden supports

These are special supports suitable for the transportation of casks in the basement. Transportation with a forklift truck or lift truck.

Barrique  (225 Lt. bis 500 Lt.)

  • Wooden support

Each pair of support hold one barrel, which can be stacked to a pyramid. transportable by lift truck or forklift truck

  • Aluminium or stainless steel supports

They hold two barrels each one, with the possibility to overlap in several levels. they are transportable with forklift or pallet jack.


We can offer you special machines for cleaning of barrels.

These machines have a rotating head which washes the desired barrel from inside.