in each work process we place a high value on quality

in each work process we place a high value on quality


Decades of experience and expertise combined with innovative facilities, lay the foundation for our quality products. Our product range comprise wooden barrels with a capacity of 5 hectoliters of up to 500 hectoliters. For every setting volume we offer standardized measures, but also are specialized in it to adapt our barrels to the respective spatial conditions.

Further products

We also offer customized products and second hand barrels.

customized products

In our assortment, we also offer custom-made products. This includes extraordinary products we have produced over the years. Saunas, bathtubs and flower pots are only examples of our range. Even storage barrals with a capacity of up to 50,000 liters are no problem for us.



second-hand barrels

Through our customer base there are always good possibilities to get second hand barrels, fermentation stands and barrique barrels. The best containers can be reused as wine, vinegar or spirits barrels.